This large new water jar is hand coiled and traditionally fired. I was very attracted to the superior painted design work. It is an older classic water jar form that is very thin walled. It has been painted with bee-weed (black) and clay slips. The black and white pigments, with the added orange work accenting the floral designs are so appealing. The same red/orange slip is used in the inside rim, and balances so well with the orange/reds on the outside. Robert explained to me, “This pot is about spring flowers blooming in the late fall clouds that are orange and embraced by the evening sunset with rain falling in the cornfields. The square medallion is mountains and clouds with rain. The bottom is Mother Earth getting rich moisture as it pours.” I appreciate it so much when the artist describes the symbolism involved. It brings the jar to life !
The jar is signed on the bottom, “R. M. Patricio”.

10″ high by 11 1/2″ wide

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