This is a new large open bowl by Erik Fender. Hand coiled, painted, carved, and fired outdoors, it is a classic black on black designed piece. The bowl is quite deep, so the painted designs can be seen very clearly.

Three panels of six prayer feathers are repeated. They are separated by three panels of rain and lightning designs. The bottom of the bowl is plain polished and has been accentuated with circles and triangular patterns. Erik explains the designs in this way, “The bowl has classic feather design which represents the sun in three of the sections and the other three have thunder and lightning as well as clouds and wind symbols. Overall, the designs come together as a prayer for a bountiful harvest as sunshine and water are needed for the crops to grow and flourish.”

The outside and bottom of the bowl is a matte/mica finish. Erik has carved an avanyu (water serpent) all the way around.

It is signed on the bottom “Than Tsidéh”

4″ high by 10″ wide