This new jar is hand coiled, deeply carved, and traditionally fired outdoors. It is different from anything we have had from Harrison. The form and shape, the pointed angled edges, the squared off sides and top make for a visually pleasing creation. Everything about it is appealing.

Harrison was explaining to me that on this specific piece, the polishing was so tedious around the sharp edges because he had to be so careful that those edges did not break. He said, “I really like the challenge, having to go out of the box.”

One side features a dragonfly with its wings dotted. Harrison has skillfully texturized the wings for added aesthetic beauty. There are spirals, waves, curves, sun rays, and other lovely geometric components. Harrison does a terrific job of balancing his polished areas with the black matte areas. I really like how the round opening, that emerges from the square, flat top is polished, setting off the matte carved work. Very creative and unique, this is a truly wonderful new work of art from Harrison. We continue to be thrilled with the way he continues to challenge himself with form and design.
5 1/2″ high by 5 1/2″ wide

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