This new lidded jar by Russell Sanchez is based on a shape by Ignacia Sanchez, a well-known potter from San Ildefonso who was Rusell’s great grandmother This is a hand coiled, traditionally fired black polished jar. This piece deals with images of mountain peaks and hills while the sun is rising. The turquoise dots along the neck represent the sunrising in the evening at dusk. The lid on this jar is a wonderful creation in its own – it depicts the mountain peeking up to the rainbow. Unique embedded brass heishi is set off against the deep black polished background. The extra work involved in creating the sienna tones around the blue turquoise is stunning. What a fantastic new one of a kind creation from Russell. Traditional in form and shape and stylized in design work that makes it both classic and contemporary at the same time. The gun metal type firing gives the entire jar a special sheen and glow. When you get to hold it your hands, and see it up close, it is clear what a phenomenal jar this is!

6 3/4 ” high by 5″ wide

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