This is the first ever black terraced box that Russell has made. It is so special. The front of the box depicts old style San Ildefonso serpents. Above them are clouds and mountains. Below them are a continuous band of square checkerboard designs. These are bordered by embedded fine hematite heishi. The back of the box displays the sun. Feathers are radiating out, representing the rays of light. Each side panel has the serpents’ tails, as well as more mountains. There is a beautiful balance between the polished areas and the matte areas. Sparkling mica is seen throughout the entire box. The terraced edges are polished to a wonderful high sheen. The gun metal silvery finish on this box is marvelous. There is such a high-risk factor when attempting to fire a box this size outdoors. What an accomplishment this piece is! So unique, and so Russell, this would be a great addition to anybody’s collection.

4 ¼” high by 4 ¼” wide by 3 ½” deep

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