This is an extraordinary new creation by Ida Sahmie. It is the largest piece we have had, and it has taken many months to complete. Ida made a piece like this once in the 90’s and is now recreating these symbolic designs. Hand coiled, painted with all natural pigments and fired traditionally outside, it is a powerful, personal work. Ida explained to me, “The “Hunter pot” is what I call it. The design is similar to the sandpainting that is used when get initiated into the hunting world, usually for boys when they’re ready to become hunters. Of course, my design is NOT exactly like the medicine man’s version. But the bow and arrow is a sign, and when the men folks go hunt they are sent off with the white corn to bless and give thanks to their kill and Mother Earth when they make their kill…. deer, elk, bear, pig, antelope, etc. So that’s why I put the white corn in all directions on top! The Navajos don’t bring their kill to butcher at home, they butcher and all out there, but bring the meat home.” The shape is specail and enables Ida to use the entire surface as a canvas to tell the hunting story. She continues to translate her Navajo life directly onto the clay. What a beauty!

8” high by 8” wide with a 5” mouth

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