One of the best parts of my job is when I see a new piece of pottery, and I feel so moved by it. This is what happened to me with this new jar from Glendora. The water jar is elegant, and her placement of all the incised and painted elements are wonderful. Not cluttered in any way, there is an open feeling to the design, with the tan and the graceful dragonflies balancing so beautifully with the red toned bottom of the jar. The dragonflies on the tan background are dotted with coral stones, blending in the with red/orange slips. You see them again, flying down into the neck of the jar. The lip is painted black, but the dotted theme is added. Some of her wave like curves are filled with multicolored dots. Those are repeated in the lively speckled low band.

On the bottom of the jar, Glendora has polished the background to a high deep red sheen. Ears of corn with multicolored dots are depicted alongside black slipped and carved geometrics. There is so much graceful movement and flow to the entirety of this jar. It is beautiful in every way. Signed on the bottom with her hallmark: An ear of corn with four dots on each side.

5 3/4” high by 6 1/4″ wide

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