I am particularly pleased with Tyra’s depictions of lizards and turtles. I requested that she create two sets of new work for me – a cylinder with lizards and a plate with the same design, and a cylinder and plate with the turtle designs. She did such an awesome job with all four pieces. About the design work, she explained to me, “The lizard design is my aunt Sylvia Naha, with Sekahkey and Awatovi designs. The turtle design I made for someone who is water clan, and those designs are from Sekahkey and Awatovi also.”

This is the first of the new turtle designed work. An open bowl/cylinder. The painting is beautiful, and the firing turned out so well. The repeating of the border designs on the top and bottom really set off the main polychrome turtles. And each turtle has a different unique design on their shells. Tyra has polished the entire iside of the cylinder.

4” high by 6 ¾” wide

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