Tyra Naha (Hopi-Tewa)
Tyra Naha is Rainy Naha’s daughter. She is also known as Tyra Naha-Black, or Tyra Naha Tawawina She represents the third generation in a family of well-known Hopi potters. She is the great granddaughter of Paqua Naha, a granddaughter of Helen “Featherwoman” Naha She is a niece of Syliva Naha and Burell Naha. Tyra is an accomplished potter in her own right and continues to produce the same quality work that is the hallmark of her family lineage. Each piece is hand coiled, and then stone polished and painted with native clay slips.

Her work has been featured at shows in Santa Fe and at the Heard Museum. Tyra signs her pots with a feather and a spider glyph and a 3. The 3 represents being from the third generation of Helen Naha. The feather represents her lineage to the Naha family through her grandmother, who signed with a feather glyph. The spider is her clan symbol.

Made in 2000, this is a Hopi white clay hand coiled piece with a bat wing design. ( an old Awatovi design) The polychrome colors are beautiful – soft and muted.

3” high by 4 ½” wide

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