Tammy Garcia is a Santa Clara Pueblo potter who has been recognized as one of the top Native American pottery creators of our day. She is the daughter of Linda Cain and sister to Autumn Borts-Medlock. She is also the granddaughter of Mary Cain, great-granddaughter of Christina Naranjo, and great-great-granddaughter of Sara Fina Tafoya. She has followed the time-honored tradition of producing traditional Santa Clara Pueblo pottery. Her designs incorporate ancient and historic Puebloan motifs. Born in 1969, Tammy began making pottery around 1985.

This is so unusual for Tammy. Made in 1991, it is a rare example of hand coiled, traditionally fired black on black – NOT carved vase. Tammy said she only made a small number of these pots in this style. The interesting thing is that if you look at her painted design elements, you can see that those are the images she uses in her deep carved work. So clearly, this was a jumping off point. A great piece to have in a collection showcasing the exceptional work by this artist.

3” high by 3” wide

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