Tammy Garcia is a Santa Clara Pueblo potter who has been recognized as one of the top Native American pottery creators of our day. She is the daughter of Linda Cain and sister to Autumn Borts-Medlock. She is also the granddaughter of Mary Cain, great-granddaughter of Christina Naranjo, and great-great-granddaughter of Sara Fina Tafoya. She has followed the time-honored tradition of producing traditional Santa Clara Pueblo pottery. Her designs incorporate ancient and historic Puebloan motifs. Born in 1969, Tammy began making pottery around 1985.

This jar is an older example (made in the late 1980’s) of her more simple, carved work that features an avanyu (water serpent) The carving is soft and curved and flows round this small piece. The neck is polished as is the bottom. The carved serpent continues that work. It is a lovely example of one of her smaller creations.

3” high by 3” wide