4” high by 9” wide

The moment I saw this new bowl by Susan, I knew I needed it for the gallery. I was so attracted to all the features about it. The shape, the design, the painting, the carving….and her story. This is what Susan explained to me:

“I ran across photos from the 70’s/early 80’s (when you could still take photos of dancers for a fee). It gave me a quick vivid flashback of when I was a kid and that was Santa Clara Day Schools “go to” dance when we had visitors or holiday programs. I like the colors that the old warm Kodak films make so I thought I’d do a piece that looks like a traditional black polish on the outside at a glance, framing the face of a rainbow dancer. The semi-deep carved cameras are the old throw away model, when we thought nothing could get better than a disposable.

The outside is painted with payne’s grey acrylic and the inside is acrylic, India ink and wood stain, sealed with a ceramic sealer spray.” Everything works so well on this “canvas.” Susan is a marvelous storyteller, and she is able to reveal these stories, as she coils, carves, and paints. What a marvelous example of her current work.

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