Steve Lucas has the Hopi name of Koyemsi, Hopi-Tewa for the mudhead clown, the clan to which he belongs on Hopi First Mesa. This name and the mudhead logo appear on the base of each of Steve's pots. You will find, simultaneously, the corn logo, symbol of the Corn clan, the clan of Nampeyo, Steve's great, great-grandmother.

Steve uses all natural clays to hand coil his pottery, natural pigments to create designs and outdoor firing to give his art the wonderful blush that adds much so beauty.

Another characteristic of Steve's fine work is the high polished glow which most pieces exhibit. This is achieved through many hours of diligent polishing using a small, smooth stone.

Most of his designs are based on old Sikyatki shards that he studies for inspiration. Steve's work is precise, richly detailed, nearly perfect in symmetry.

This” butterfly” bowl, made in 1999 is fantastic. The polish is unbelievable leaving the bowl with such a warm color.

4” high by 5 ½” wide

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