This stunning piece by Steve is called “Heron Design.” Steve frequently starts his designs by interpreting Sikyatki designs. Here, he gives us his creative idea of how he thinks the people of Sikyatki might have interpreted this bird. (Sikyatki is an abandoned prehistoric village near Steve’s house in Polacca, on the Hopi reservation.) Steve said that he “used a little artistic license.” This is a very contemporary design, and a rather large pot. For the central motif, Steve says that it represents the four holy directions, and the four sacred winds. He has also added a cloud motif. The beige color on this bowl is the natural color of the fired Hopi clay, polished with a smooth agate polishing stone (no slip at all). The rest of the pigments are vegetal and mineral paint made by Steve from elements found near his home in Polacca. He has used his “secret formula” red micaceous color for accents and for the lower portion of this bowl. It is lightweight and truly gorgeous.

9″ high by 10″ diameter