Steve came to Denver to hand deliver this piece and I was incredibly thrilled to receive it. This is hand coiled, slipped, and painted with all natural pigments and fired outdoors. The polychrome painting is marvelous. His work is traditional and creative. He coils such dynamic forms and shapes. I asked him about the imagery and symbols he used on this bowl, and he explained that there are rainbows, lightening, and tail feathers. The hues of red, black, tan, and dark green/brown are so well integrated together. Steve is a masterful designer as well as potter and painter. You can see why he is so highly regarded.

The shape is classic and visually so appealing. Narrow bottom, wide shoulder, and beautiful round opening. Wonderfully stone polished, this bowl is exceptional. Such refinement in his skills as an artist. Steve signed this piece: S. Lucas with a corn plant and a koyemsi (mudhead clown: Steve is a member of the Koyemsi clan) symbol.

6” high by 10” wide

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