Steve came to Denver to hand deliver this piece and I was incredibly thrilled to receive it. This is hand coiled, slipped, painted with all natural pigments and fired outdoors. The polychrome painting (black, white, red) is marvelous. His work is traditional and creative. He coils such dynamic forms and shapes. The designs are based on shards he saw at the Grand Canyon. The Nampeyo birds are magnificently portrayed. Steve used mixed clays with a touch of mica. The border has rain clouds and lightning designs. What ia particularly terrific is the balance of the deep red tones. The red in the birds is seen again on the base of the bowl. He really is a master painter. Steve signed this piece: S. Lucas with a corn plant and a koyemsi (mudhead clown: Steve is a member of the Koyemsi clan) symbol.

5 ½” high by 7” wide

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