This new beauty is hand coiled and fired outdoors. Samuel refers to it as a “Trough water jar” – the shoulder of the jar is the trough part – where on the side of a mountain water is collected. The shape is elegant. The bottom is 2” wide and then flairs out to a shoulder that is 5” wide. The neck becomes narrow again and moves up to the beautiful rim which is 3” wide. Samuel has been able to polish the pot inside for several inches down, a very difficult skill. The colors we see ranging from blacks to red browns are especially attractive. After Samuel fired the piece outdoors, he added pine pitch which was applied both inside and out while the pot was still warm. Afterwards, he polished it with a cotton cloth to help achieve that excellent shine. The jar has such grace…. simple and high styled.

5 1/16″ high by 5 3/16″ wide