Though this new box looks quite contemporary, it is really based on old style designs, like in the 1920’s in San Ildefonso. Russell has hand coiled, painted with natural slips, incised, and fired outdoors. The lid is fantastic. A deep carved bear image is stunning, particularly the way Russell has surrounded it with dots of hematite, acting as a border. A magnificent high grade piece of Kingman turquoise, with matching eyes is on the top of the bear. The body of the box is an old style polychrome design. It is all about a thunderstorm. There are clouds representing the storm, itself. The arches are the clouds full of rain. The hematite dots are actually the marks made when the rain hits the ground. The color combination of red/black/ tan and blue (turquoise Heishi shell) is bold and stunning. The deep red that Russell achieves is reminiscent of the reds that were used in early San Ildefonso pottery. Three rows of added Heishi shell embellish the piece. The turquoise heishi is also Kingman. This is a wonderful new, unique, one of a kind creation by Russell.

4” high by 3 ½” wide