This new double sided canteen is outstanding. We are referring to it as an old style tobacco holder. Reminiscent of the Navajo silver tobacco holders, this new hand coiled clay piece by Russell is exceptional in all ways; shape, design, colors, stone work, and firing. Each aspect of this creation is stunning. One side has an incised great bird with a turned head. That is encircled with Russell’s trademark dots and inlaid brown heishi stones. The other side has an incised bear with a Kingman turquoise stone in its center. But this time, the medallion is polished with a soft green slip. He has kept the embedded heishi the same on both sides. The heishi was made by our friends, Joe and Mary Calabaza, now deceased. The firing is brilliant. Deep black, red, and green. Russell has included a black leather strap so the canteen can be hung on a wall if someone wants to display it that way. It really is marvelous.

3 ¼” high by 3” wide

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