I am so pleased with this new creative piece by Russell. He so expertly hand coils special boxes. Seen in the 1920s, boxes are a classic form of pottery from this Pueblo. The corners are slightly rounded, and the side panels make for a beautiful palette. Russell explained to me that mountain lions are solitary animals, and do not travel in packs, so they are designed by themselves on each side of this box. High grade Kingman turquoise stones are imbedded in the bellies of the mountain lions. Russell explains that the mountain lion represents the Twin War Gods. The terracing on the lid depicts the mountains, which is their home. The mountain designs are also on the sides of the box, and the mountain lions are following the trail of pollen – following the trail to do their duties.
The polychrome colors and design work are marvelous on this box. Both the polished and matte surfaces are shown, and he uses the historic designs as his inspiration, but continues to make these designs his own. The fully polished carved terrace lid is a wonderful deep red tone. He has accentuated the border with his trademark dots. Below the main panel, are embedded two strands of hematite heishi beads. Below that is the checkerboard pattern. This is a wonderfully creative and unique creation by Russell.

5″ high by 3 3/4″ wide

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