This is a first for Russell and for us. What a marvelous new box Russell has coiled and fired traditionally outdoors. The finish turned out to be a subtle, warm grey tone. That is what happened with the polishing of the black mica that he used. Two opposite sides have medallions bordered with fine embedded hematite heishi. Inside is a background of deep red, with a carved bear inside. The tan clay shows the bears. The other two sides show incised black bears that have been set against a background of carved diagonal tan and red polished stripes. This pattern is so unique. The removeable red and grey top of the box is fully polished with incised tan dots going around more imbedded hematite heishi. This deep red color Russell achieves comes from the same red clay slip which was used at San Ildefonso in the 1920’s and 30’s. Again, being influenced by Juan Cruz Roybal, this box is marvelous in every way.

4” high by 2 ½” wide

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