Unique and one of a kind – this new bowl by Russell tells a story about mountain lions. This is hand coiled, slipped with natural pigments, and fired outdoors. Russell explained to me that mountain lions usually are alone. They do not hang out in groups. So, these two mountain lions, are out and about, and they represent the Twin War Gods. This oval shape is visually so pleasing and interesting. The background cream colored slip polished so smoothly – such a nice sheen to it. Each mountain lion, one red/brown and one grey are imbedded with Nevada turquoise stones in their bodies and eyes. If you look closely, you can see that the dots are in front of the animals – as if they were following a path. Below the lions is a beautiful checkerboard designed border. More dots below, and wonderful shiny Hematite Heishi border pattern. This is a wonderful example of San Ildefonso polychrome work.

3 ½” high by 4 ¾” wide