Though this new hand coiled, round canister looks quite contemporary, it is really based on old style designs, like in the 1920’s in San Ildefonso. Russell has hand coiled, painted with natural slips, incised, and fired outdoors. The lid is fantastic. A deep carved bear image is stunning, giving it a raised three D effect. Embedded in the bear is a magnificent high grade piece of Lone Mountain turquoise, with a Sleeping Beauty turquoise stone in the eye. Next to the bear is a carved tan slipped bear paw which also has the same turquoise stone in it. The lid fits firmly on the round canister. A black mica band is used as the border from the lid to the body. Beautiful hematite stones are embedded in the band that sits atop of a strand of Kingman turquoise heishi. The body of the box is an old style polychrome design showing an avanyu (water serpent) flowing across the entire body of the piece. Again, using the same deep blue hue, Russell has placed a high grade Lone Mountain turquoise in the eye. Carved red slipped cloud formations can be seen above the serpent. What is remarkable is the magnificent color combination of red/black/ tan and blue. The deep red that Russell achieves is reminiscent of the reds that were used in early San Ildefonso pottery. An added row of hematite Heishi shell embellishes the piece. The turquoise heishi is also Kingman. Because of the way Russell has sculpted the bear, and the placement of the various stones, the entire box has a sculptural quality – This is a wonderful new, unique, one of a kind creation by Russell.

5” high by 3 3/4” wide

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