This new plate by Russell is stunning. Inspired by the work of Florentino Montoya, who was an exceptional potter from San Ildefonso (1858-1918) Russell rotates the colors and images on the piece. The colors Russel uses are derived from natural clays. Many of these same clays were used in San Ildefonso when the polychrome painted pottery was present in the 1880’s.

Russell’s imagery on this plate is uniquely his own even though it was inspired by the early potters. The white slipped center shows a flower image. You can see that the individual red drops, representing rain, in the center of the plate, has a different design in their interior. A row of fine turquoise Heishi shell is embedded above the classic dots. The checkboard design acts as a border below the highly polished deep red edge of the plate. The alternating black polished and matte squares represent corn. Repeating the dots, that border is complete. Everything fits so well together – using the clay as a palette for his drawing. It is a beautiful new work of art.

6 ¼” wide

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