This new polychrome jar is exquisite. Hand coiled, and traditionally fired outside, the shape is based on the jar made by Tonita Roybal in the 1980’s for the US Postal Service. This shape, with the flat polished lip is so special. The central image is an avanyu (water serpent) with a high-grade Lone Mountain turquoise as the eye. There are incised dots inside the polished rim and outside as well. Below that is a triangular pattern Russell used to represent rain falling. You can see the embedded black jet dots symbolizing the raindrops. There are two borders of jet Heishi around the checkerboard pattern that has dots, representing corn. Below the avanyu is another checkerboard pattern. They alternate from polished black to matte tan. This design represents “Our World, and the Spirit World.” There are five full rows of tiny jet Heishi on this vessel. There is a remarkable amount of work involved in this jar. It is a marvelous creation by Russell.

5” high by 5 ¼”” wide

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