This new lidded bowl is rather amazing. Hand coiled, stone polished and fired outdoors, it is an example of how well Russell is able to scale down a piece to the exact right size. All the added elements are proportionally made and embedded into the clay which makes it stunningly beautiful. The combination of the tiny pieces of Mediterranean coral and the two different turquoises is visually pleasing. The top area of the bowl is incised to show the avanyu (water serpent) There are actually SIXTY-THREE Kingman turquoise dots (1 mm) in the serpent alone. Lone Mountain turquoise is placed in the horn. There are another THIRTY FIVE embedded coral stones in a matte black band. This is bordered on top and bottom with Superfine Hematite Heishi.

On the bottom portion of the bowl is a black on black incised cloud design. One of the most amazing parts of this new bowl is the lid. A work of art in its own right, It is coiled, and sculpted. Notice how all four legs are cut out. Then another SIXTEEN turquoise stones are systematically placed on the bottom of the lid. All in all, a total of ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN stones are used on this fantastic small bowl. There is so much difficulty involved in actually holding this size piece in his hands while he incises and adds these tiny stones. To get all this to scale with such perfection is a talent that Russell excels in. What a marvelous new creation we have.

3 ½” high by 3” wide

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