This new lidded jar by Russell is hand coiled, polished black and fired outdoors. I had requested that Russell make us a new piece that would feature coral. Coral is the external skeleton of a tiny, plant-like marine animal called the coral polyp. The structures that result from generations of these creatures growing as colonies on top of each other can be quite massive. Finding a live healthy coral reef is actually becoming rare. The corals considered precious by the trade are rare, beautiful, have a uniform color, and a porcelain-like luster after polishing.

It was certainly worth the wait for Russell to find just the right coral to use in this new jar. Twenty eight Mediterranean coral dots are embedded on the circular border above the carved center medallion. Those dots are bordered by incredibly Superfine 2mm hematite Heishi. The central bear is raised from the surface in a sculptural bas relief form. A phenomenal coral cabochon has been placed in the center of the bear. (A cabochon is a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted) The bear’s eye compliments that stone. The entire piece is polished to a high sheen, which makes the coral even more aesthetically gorgeous. Eleven more Mediterranean coral dots are placed on the rim of the lid. The entire piece is a magnificent piece of art.

5” (with lid) by 3” wide )