This new shape is fascinating. It is a hand coiled gun metal black polished jar by Russell. It is actually almost oval in form. It is constructed with some added depth, so you get the visual sensation of it being a very full and wide jar. Russell has created this design that includes double sided medallions with incised bears. Each one is bordered by his trademark dots, and then encased in a circular border of superfine turquoise heishi. This is some of the last handmade Heishi he has that was made by Joe and Mary Calabaza, both of whom are now deceased. The opening is asymmetric with a glistening mica lip. What is new and unique is that on the sides of this jar Russell has carved gourd design indentations. It is such a terrific element to add to the form of the piece.

5″ high by 6″ wide by 5″ deep

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