This hand coiled clay bowl was made by Russell in 2003. It is his version of an old style bird effigy tea pot. Effigy vessels were made in San Ildefonso in the early 1900’s. It could actually hold water, to be poured out of the spout (the beak of the bird) This polychrome piece displays Russell’s unique rendition of an old style vessel. The green and deep red polished areas are the background for his designs. The tan incised work on the front and back represent stylized wings. There is a removeable lid, where the water would go. The tail is carved and cut out to be the mountains. The mauve slipped carved circular work on the tail, is the cloud, and the three squiggly lines above it is the rain. Embedded superfine heishi is around the neck of the bird, and also acts as a dividing point between the polished green body and the micaceous work on the bottom. A beautiful turquoise cabochon is the center of the lid, with Russell’s trademark dots surrounding the border red panel. It is always exciting to see Russell take a classic, traditional old form, and make it his own. It is signed on the bottom with a “kayaker”.

3 ½” high by 6 ½” wide