This new jar by Russell is phenomenal. It is hand coiled and traditionally fired. The entire jar glistens because it is polished to such a high sheen. It just glows. A tremendous amount of time went into the creation of this very special lidded piece. The central focus of the jar is on a carved out medallion where a bas relief bear has been carved. This type of carving was seen in the carved pottery of Russell’s aunt Rose Gonzales. The bear is completely polished and is accented with fifteen turquoise dots encircling a fabulous High Grade Kingman turquoise cabochon. The bear is set against a texturized black matte background. There is a matte black border that has another embedded thirty six turquoise dots. That border is completed with the addition of tiny hematite Heishi beads. As you move the jar around, there are beautiful, incised designs on both sides which also house another twenty four turquoise dots – and in the center of that black on black design elements are two more High grade Kingman cabochons. Russell’s designs represent birds in flight, with their heads peeking out.

Now we get to the phenomenal lid. It truly is its own piece of art. Both polished and matte, the incised bear paws are prominent with the turquoise stones. Very few potters can construct lids that are this complex and elegant. It adds so much dimension to the overall effect of the jar. This lid sits inside the lip with a black matte border with another twenty eight turquoise dots. A collector of mine saw this pieces and said – “This belongs in a museum!” It is certainly that quality. It excels in every area of pottery making – form, shape, design, coiling, firing, polishing, stonework – etc. It has it all.

6 3/4″ high by 5 1/2″ wide

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