This new lidded jar is fantastic. So much work in all three areas of the jar. The neck has tightly carved angular ribs meeting at the opening. Those ribs sparkle. Below that area are two rows of imbedded heishi made from hematite. The heishi borders a polished band with Russell’s trademark dots. The bottom quadrant of the jar has an incised avanyu (water serpent) with a high-grade Kingman turquoise for the eye. The bottom of the jar has more angled carved ribs – flowing toward a small bottom. It balances so well with the top of the jar. To finish the piece, Russell has sculpted and carved a beautiful fish to act as a lid. The fish glistens with mica, and sits on a fully polished black disc. The fish has turquoise eyes. Throughout the piece, Russell accented the jar with tiny dots of turquoise and coral. It enhances the overall aesthetic. The coral dots represent the fish spawning – swimming upstream. This is really such a creative new jar from Russell.

6” high by 4” wide

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