Phenomenal! What a magnificent new lidded jar by Russell. This is the type of piece Russell creates that makes me appreciate the extraordinary talent he has. It is hand coiled, incised, polished, and fired outdoors. The shape of this piece lends itself so well to the design work Russell incised. The central black matte band is a terrific backdrop for the beautiful black polished avanyu that flows around the entire piece.

This jar is so complex, that from every angle, you see different patterns, stones, colors, and incised designs. The intricacy of this work is at the highest skill level. The way the deep red coral dots explode on the avanyu is so dynamic. Can you imagine the time involved in setting EIGHTY coral dots in the avanyu alone? Three fabulous High Grade Kingman turquoise have been added to the avanyu. Below that main avanyu are three strands of Superfine hematite heishi. Between the second and third hematite row another eye popping band of FIFTY coral dots is created. Below the heishi Russell has incised an attractive pattern. The half-moon shape of the pattern makes the bottom quadrant of the jar flow with movement. Again, he embedded more coral dots beautifully spaced out revealing the lovely, incised designs.

The lid itself is amazing. THIRTY EIGHT embedded red coral stones flow around the round based lid. Two Kingman turquoise cabochons are encircled by the stones making a cohesive pattern. This truly is an extraordinary new work of art from Russell. We are thrilled to exhibit such an amazing, creative, and unique piece of hand coiled pottery. Based on a classic, traditional avanyu design, but stylized and updated by Russell.

6 ½” high by 5 ¾” wide