This new lidded jar by Russell is hand coiled, polished red and fired outdoors. It is stunning. The central medallion features a bas relief type raised red bear. He created a recess and then the bear domes out of it. The deep red color he achieves on the bear, and the background of the jar and the matching lid is fantastic. Texturizing behind the bear makes the medallion even more beautiful. Then adding a black matte border is wonderful. Embedded in the center of the bear is large Kingman turquoise cabochon. (A cabochon is a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted) He repeated that by adding the same stone on the top of the tight fitting stem lid.

It is so time consuming adding the dots from turquoise and hematite. Forty bright turquoise dots are embedded on the circular border above the carved center medallion. Those dots are bordered by incredibly Superfine 2mm hematite Heishi. The bear’s eye compliments that stone. The entire piece is polished to a high sheen, which makes the turquoise even more aesthetically gorgeous. Twenty more Hematite dots are placed on the rim of the lid. The entire piece is a magnificent piece of art.

5 ½” high by 3 ½” wide

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