We asked Robert for a water jar with parrots, a variety other birds and floral patterns. What he finished for us is so compelling. So representative of traditional old style Acoma ware – it is marvelous. Thin walled and lightweight, one can tell his expertise in the hand coiling methods. I asked him for a bit of an explanation of the designs from his point of view, and he said, “The parrot pot of course is a four-color water jar. Parrots represent the beauty of Acoma and the beauty that it brings to the Pueblo. Using so much of the parrot for traditional use throughout the year, is pure beauty,” I really like how prominent the placement of the parrots is, centered between the various flowers. The white background accentuates the boldness of his painted imagery. The flowing rainbow above shows nice movement. The inside rim is slipped in the same red tones as the bottom of the jar. Like all his work, this is a classic, traditional Acoma piece. Robert explained to me that the red, orange, black, and white colors were typically used in Acoma pottery in the late 1800’s.

10 ¼” high by 11 ¾” wide

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