This new piece is quite special for me to have in the gallery now. I had remembered an exceptionally large jar Richard had made in the past, that was based on the theme of a “city scape”. I asked if he might re-visit that theme and make one on the smaller size. He agreed, and the end result is outstanding – just what I had hoped for.

The colors used on this jar are so dynamic. It shows a mesmerizing cityscape design. The coiled shape lends itself so well to this specific depiction of the city. The tall high rise buildings are painted in beautiful shades of reds/oranges/blues/greens/ oranges and purples. Lower down, on the bottom of the shoulder are the cars, moving around in traffic. Incised so the beige/orangish clay shows, they are simply perfect driving below the buildings. To finish the jar, Richard has coiled a footed bottom. The chocolate brown polished rim, slipped to the same tones as the car background balances all the design work beautifully. I am thrilled to have this new Richard creation.

4 ½” high by 6 ½” wide

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