It is wonderful to have examples of Richard’s work in this smaller size. This new colorful piece is hand coiled. Richard calls it “Jazzassazzi” He describes it this way:
“This one is of a style we nickname jazzassazzii, a free spirited playful use of ancient SW designs in a haphazard jazz-like style. These are always fun to make and a chance to work with both positive and negative spaces in a free for all design. They always make me reminisce of our 25 years in Az and NM, hiking the canyons and studying ancient sherds. We should remember that the word Anasazi itself is no longer being used to describe ancient pueblo ancestors because it comes from a Navajo (Dinéh bizaad) word that means “the old enemies.” Notice the footed bottom of the jar that elevates the shape so beautifully.

4 ½” high by 5” wide

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