Luckily, Richard does not tire of me asking for floral corrugated works from him. I feel like they are so unique and so outstanding. Each one is always different, but each one is always amazingly beautiful. Richard has explained to me – “The floral jar is a continuation of an endless series, playing with stylized floral designs and textures inspired by Iroquoian quillwork and Wendat moose hair embroidery.” This new lidded bowl is different from any we have had before. The emphasis here is on the vines in three different areas: the fitted lid, the border below the lid, and the actual main coiled body of the bowl. There is an almost muted tonal quality to this piece. Not the BOLD colors in other pieces we’ve had, these corrugated and painted ribs show a soft and muted quality, more subtle and subdued. The painted top border of vines, with the black background resemble flowing hearts. Then the same imagery on the lid has them in the vertical direction, divided by soft rectangular polychrome panels of reds, tans and oranges. These vine and floral drawings fit the shape wonderfully. The lid is stunning, even the added small triangular black triangles on the tan/orange handle adds so much to the overall visual aesthetic! I really like how those triangles are repeated on the border of the lid, the lip of the bowl, and the border of the bottom quadrant of the bowl. It is a complete design, from top to bottom.

6″ high by 8″ wide

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