Santo Domingo Pueblo artists are famous for their skill in making hand rolled and cut beads known as heishi. Made from shell, turquoise, and other stones, they are painstakingly cut by hand into delicate beads and strung on necklaces and made into earrings. Santo Domingo artist Ramona Bird has always been a full-time jewelry maker. She is the daughter of Josephine Coriz who taught her to drill and cut stones.

This is a spectacular handmade ten strand clam shell, olive shell and lapis Heishi necklace by Ramona Bird (Santo Domingo) The pattern that Ramona creates with her choice of lapis and clam shells is absolutely beautiful. She shows such creativity in her unique work. So original and unique.

24″ long with matching earrings (2 1/2″ long)
$500 for the set

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