Known for her “tumbling parrots” design, this is a wonderfully hand coiled, traditionally fired, and painted bowl. Rainy’s work is primarily Hopi clay with a white slip applied before the polychrome designs. It was polished before painting with bee-weed (black) and native clay slips. This is a beautiful example of this symbolic work. The parrot is an important symbol to the Hopis, and their ancestors. Parrot feathers have been found among ruins of the four-corners area and are still used in modern Hopi ceremonies. These six parrots are symmetrically placed to flow around the entire bowl. The checkerboard pattern Rainy has painted near the opening is detailed and classic. This bowl is graceful and elegant. She signs her pottery with the traditional feather hallmark used by her mom and then adds her first name.

3 ¼” high by 5 ¾” wide

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