EXCEPTIONAL! I think this tall jar is so strong feeling. Modern and traditional at the same time, it is magnificently shaped and designed. Traditionally coiled, and fired, it is elegance personified. Here is Preston’s personal description of the “Palhikmana”:

“As with all the Shifting Sands Series, the work is about land and water…The land is the body of clay and silver represents water. The imagery of the Water Drinking Maiden is clearly depicted on the tall vessel that itself contains the preciousness of water.
In the Pueblos of the Southwest there are certain dances where the women wear this elaborated headdress known as a “tablita” i.e. “Shalako” and “Butterfly Maiden” which I am alluding to with the silver pieces. The largest ingot is the headdress, the other two are the torso and legs.
The pot is hand built with micaceous clay that I mined from the Northern part of New Mexico. The pot is built using a coil method. It is fired in a traditional manner using cedar wood. The silver is cuttlefish bone casting, using sterling silver”

I appreciate Preston giving us this information; it so enriches the experience.

20” high by 4 ½” wide

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