Preston has hand coiled this beautiful seed pot with the shifting sands pattern. It is made from white Hopi clay found near Third Mesa at Hopi. Preston gave me his informative explanation of this design. “My name is Preston Duwyenie and I come from the Hopi village of Hotevilla, Arizona. The village I was born into is inundated in and around sand, and the land serves as a means of expression. The textural quality of the land is represented by the rippling lines on the surfaces of the lay vessels. Since the Hopi people live in the desert region of the Colorado Plateau water is a scarce commodity, thus, the silver inlay represents this precious life blood. The inlay is a prayer that water will always be in the Earth for us to exist on. And both the land and the water develop the same texture when the breath of God blows across them. Hopi people believe all waters emanate from Heavens, so the pattern etched around the silver represents clouds and the water is contained within. I cast all my sterling silver ingots using tufa and cuttlefish bone.”
This pot is inspired by the shape of a canteen gourd (Laying on its side.) The silver lid represents the Rainbow over the shifting sands.

4” high by 4 ¼” wide

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