In all these years of working with Preston, I have never had this design on his pottery. I think it is so very beautiful. This bowl is called “Earth in Balance.” Preston explains, “This bowl recounts the Hopi prophecy of Gatayo (an angry serpent) that resides below the surface of the world. He is subdued at all times by the two hero twins, the Pooganghoyas, the older of the two controls the head, the younger the tail. If Hopi people should stray away from the teachings of the Creator, he will send a message to his nephews to release the serpent. Gatayo will slowly awaken from his long slumber, and as he gains conscience he will start to violently twist and roll, his thrashing will create vibration upon the surface of the Earth. Thus the punishment sent upon the wicked people will be in the form of violent earthquakes. If the Hopi people remain steadfast to these teachings, the “Earth” will be “in Balance.” The raised line represents the serpent, the wavered rim is the skyline.”

Preston used the red Hopi clay. The clay fired an orange-red coloration. It fires so beautifully soft and muted – almost a pastel color. Gorgeous!

4” high by 6 ½” wide

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