This is a classic example of a black polished, deep carved bowl from Nathan. Made in 2001, every element of the process is at the highest level. Coiling, sanding, designing, carving, polishing and open firing. People always talk about how “clean” his carving is – and this piece is exactly that – clean and crisp, and deep. On this bowl, Nathan has beautifully designed and spaced out his highly polished carved imagery next to the added areas of matte finish. Some additional mica flecks makes those matte parts sparkle. The body of the bowl is wonderfully set off by the top and bottom quadrants being plain polished. You can actually see yourself in his black shiny glasslike bands above and below the main section. The jar is signed on the bottom, “Nathan Youngblood” and the hallmark of his name in Tewa.

4 ½” wide by 6” wide

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