Many times, waiting for the right piece of pottery from an artist, involves quite a bit of patience. Then it arrives, and it is so well worth the wait. That is exactly true of this amazing miniature from Nancy. This piece is hand coiled, slipped with natural pigments and fired traditionally outside. I asked if she might make a red piece that combined polished melon ribs and a matching red flame carved lid. She agreed, and it is amazing. The ribs are so well carved, and polished to such a high sheen, flowing in a swirled manner. So symmetrical, the piece is magnificent. The lid, such a challenge to form, fits to perfection on the jar. It has seven “flames” on each side. It complements the shape and form of the jar. Everything about this piece is outstanding. It is such a pleasure to work so closely with an artist and end up with something that is beyond expectations.

3 ¾” high by 3 ½” wide