This new, award winning melon bowl by Nancy is absolutely amazing. Not only was it awarded a First Place Ribbon at the 2022 Santa Fe Indian Market, but it was also honored with the award for BEST IN DIVISION. This” S swirl” bowl combines 32 polished melon ribs with a matching black flame carved lid. The ribs are so well carved, and polished to such a high sheen, flowing in a swirled manner. So symmetrical, the piece is magnificent. When you remove the lid, and look down at the round opening, it is almost unbelievable to see how Nancy brings each tip of the ribs to perfect symmetry. And then to have such amazing polish between the ribs is a bit mind blowing. This melon bowl exemplifies the intense amount of work she puts into each creation.

The lid, such a challenge to form, fits to perfection on the jar. Nancy makes a tiny line on the edge of the lid to fit in the exact place with a matching mark on the inside of the rim. It has seven “flames” on each side. It complements the shape and form of the jar. Everything about this piece is outstanding. It is such a pleasure to work so closely with an artist and end up with something that is beyond expectations.

5 ½” high by 5” wide

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