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Gorgeous in every single way, this new black slanted swirl jar takes our breath away. The bowl is hand coiled and then the ribs are deeply carved into the clay. The ribs flow gently from the top to bottom in a diagonal fashion. Nancy has explained that polishing is a tedious stage of intense concentration, and the pot must be handled with extreme care due to its fragility before being fired. Her need for perfection of polish allows for only three ribs of a melon jar to be polished in a three-hour stint. An even all-around polish is so difficult to achieve. Nancy fires each piece of pottery in the traditional way using an open pit. She has designed and built her own enclosed firing house at the pueblo in order to lessen the weather concerns but following in her family’s footsteps of traditional firing techniques. There is always the chance that her work could explode or crack in the firing, so it is done with great skill. It is thrilling to see such an accomplished artist continue to excel in her work.

3 ½” high by 4” wide

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