This new feather bowl by Martha is such a terrific example of her classic, traditional San Ildefonso work. Hand coiled, slipped and painted with a green tone, it is referred to as “green-on-black”. It is polished to a very high sheen, and the green slip really comes through. In 1988, Martha and Erik started using this clay slip. “The green clay now holds special significance for Appleleaf. “We all got Indian names and the girls all got pretty flower names. I was so upset because my sisters all have nice flower names and my grandma named me Appleleaf. Why not Apple Blossom? Why Appleleaf? But you know how they say my life was already planned when I got that name? We ended up calling the green Appleleaf Green. So I guess it was predestined.” This would be a great addition to anybody’s collection….showing a bit of history from the San Ildefonso Pueblo.

5” high by 7” wide

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