Mark called this jar “A Gathering of Warriors.” Made in 2007, Mark prided himself on expanding his art horizon, and this time his ideas were sparked by the kiva art found in the prehistoric site of “Pottery Mound.” This Anasazi site was excavated, and the murals recorded in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Mark selected shield designs from the murals as the theme of this beautiful jar. Above, left, the shield shows a warrior holding a spear. Above, right, is a bird with other designs below it. Mark said that he used his own imagination, thinking what might have been an Anasazi shield design. To the left, the shield shows a bear surrounded by feathers. Right, the shield contains a series of rock art drawings and a feathered head piece. In the four corners, Mark pictured four shields, with spears drawn beside them. The center in a series of bird feathers. When discussing the designs on the shields. Mark says that these signs are rock art symbols. The Navajos call them “Whirling Logs.” The Hopis call them “Whirling Winds.” It is a beautiful example of his work.

4″ high by 9″ diameter