This beautiful jar was made in the 1970’s – 1980’s. It is in excellent condition. The jar has a wide base, that moves upwards to a straight neck. It has a deep black finish, achieved from the traditional outdoor firing. Known for her deep relief carvings of traditional symbols, Margaret always stayed true to her cultural traditions in her pottery making. Nancy Youngblood (her granddaughter) told me that design is the kiva step and below is the path leading to the kiva steps. Some people also see that design as the mountain. She remembers that her grandfather used that design. Margaret’s jar exhibits her excellence in form, polishing and design. Over the years, Margaret was also known for her extremely large size vessels. This is a beautiful example of her outstanding work on a smaller scale. It is signed in the clay, on the bottom, “Margaret Tafoya”

5 ½” high by 4” wide

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