This new hand coiled and traditionally fired black carved lidded jar is called “Taking Time to enjoy the Beauty of the Day.” Madeline and I chatted for a long time about the meaning of this jar. She explained that Pueblo women work so very hard with cooking for Feasts and other Ceremonies, taking care of the children, baking breads, and all the day to day chores they encounter. She feels that there are times when women need to “STOP” and take a break and simply enjoy the beauty that is around them. Madeline said with a laugh, “If we don’t stop and take care of ourselves, who is going to do it for us?” Her daughter and her niece were asked to pose for a photograph, and she has recreated that pose by the two girls on this jar. I think her carvings of the human forms, are so skillfully done; deep and clean. Madeline continues to evolve as an artist, and we are so happy to support her.

7 1/2″ high by 6″ wide

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